Payroll Consulting for Your Company in Gauteng

When your company needs professional payroll consulting solutions, MondTes is your solution in Gauteng! We can assist your business with onsite or remote payroll consulting, management, and outsourcing solutions to suit the specific needs of your company. Our team is fully certified, supremely knowledgeable, and highly skilled when it comes to HR and payroll consulting solutions that include comprehensive software support and expert software integration to highlight a few pivotal elements.

Our Specialties

Our team of HR and payroll consultants specialises in payroll maintenance, process optimisation, management, and audits to ensure that the monthly process of paying your employees is legal, properly managed, and runs through the correct channels. Our team can also assist your company with tax solutions that include tax assistance and submissions to the corresponding regulating body in South Africa and other African countries, where applicable. Our payroll consultants are certified in various Sage software products that can be useful tools for your business in terms of payroll management and audits. We also offer a support centre that can assist you with any system- or legislation-related queries.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

MondTes offers small- and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMEs) a comprehensive approach to payroll outsourcing services – keeping our system up to date with the latest legislative requirements and changes to apply them to our various processes and deliver a complete package for your business. Our processes are developed to ensure that every payroll function and related activities are executed accurately and on time. As a result, you can relax and trust us to take care of monthly payroll tasks on your behalf!

Our payroll outsourcing follows a strict order of events – starting with our clients submitting payroll inputs to a dedicated Payroll Account Manager. From here, the payroll inputs are reviewed, along with a compliance review and update, followed by payroll processing. Once everything is reviewed and processed, we submit month-end reports to our clients, who are then tasked with uploading a bank file and making 3rd-party payments, at which point, we will submit a UIF file to the Department of Labour. This process repeats itself every pay period to ensure that your employees and beneficiaries receive their dues on time and accurately.

MondTes is your first choice when it comes to HR and payroll consulting in Gauteng! Our specialists can assist with Sage software solutions as well and deliver support when you need it most. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services, including payroll management, outsourcing, and maintenance, and contact us today with any enquiries! Choose MondTes in 2023 and enjoy the advantages of HR and payroll outsourcing for your company!

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