Professional Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Does your company seek an efficient and professional solution to payroll outsourcing in South Africa? MondTes Holdings is your comprehensive solution! We can assist your business with payroll outsourcing and maintenance solutions, as well as HR solutions to ensure that affiliated processes are streamlined and optimised to serve your business’s specific needs. Our outsourcing solutions are designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. Today, we talk about our approach to payroll outsourcing and the order of events that we use to take care of monthly payroll rollouts.

Our Approach to Payroll Outsourcing

At MondTes Holdings, we ensure to keep our payroll outsourcing processes up to date with the latest legislative changes – with processes that are specifically developed to ensure that all payroll functions, related activities, and affiliated processes are executed accurately and in a timely fashion. By choosing our payroll outsourcing solutions, you will relieve some pressure on your in-house team by letting us manage your monthly payroll rollouts on your behalf. As a result, your employees will be paid on time with the correct amounts.

Payroll Outsourcing Order and Execution of Events

As your business’s payroll outsourcing managers, we operate with an efficient and up-to-date flowchart that stipulates a specific order of events for monthly payment rollouts for a typical SME in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. There are some processes that fall to the client as their responsibility. MondTes Holdings can also assist with payroll maintenance solutions and software interface customer support services to deliver a comprehensive approach for your business.

Our payroll outsourcing order of events starts with the client submitting payroll input to one of our dedicated Payroll Account Managers (PAMs) – who reviews the input information and performs a Compliance review with any necessary updates. From here, the input information is sent to the Payroll Processing Consultant, who reviews the info and sends it back to the PAM to complete a final review and sign off on it. At this point, monthly validation checks can also occur. From here, we submit month-end reports to our client to allow them to upload a bank file and complete 3rd-party payments. The final step is to submit a UIF file to the Department of Labour.

MondTes Holdings is your first choice regarding payroll outsourcing for your SME in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for more details on our available payroll solutions and contact us today if you are interested. Take advantage of professional payroll and HR solutions with MondTes Holdings on your side!

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