Your Answer to Effective Payroll Outsourcing in South Africa

When your business needs a professional solution to payroll outsourcing, MondTes Holdings is your solution in South Africa! We offer payroll consulting and maintenance solutions as well, with a complete call centre that offers professional client support when you need it most. MondTes can assist with payroll interface setup and implementation as well – with experts in various Sage interfaces to give your business a corresponding solution. Today, we discuss our payroll outsourcing services and what you can expect from our services for your business.

How Can MondTes Assist My Business with Payroll Outsourcing?

When it comes to payroll outsourcing, MondTes Holdings delivers services for small- and medium-sized businesses in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. We ensure that our outsourcing services are regularly maintained and updated to stay in the loop with current legislations and deliver legal and compliant payroll solutions for your business. Our processes cover all payroll functions and activities to give you peace of mind that your payroll processes can be executed efficiently and on time. With MondTes Holdings on your side, your business can thrive.

MondTes’s Order of Events for Payroll Outsourcing

When your business employs us for payroll outsourcing, we follow a specific flowchart to ensure that payroll processes can be completed efficiently, on time, and by dedicated professionals. The process kicks off with your business submitting payroll input and relevant information to our dedicated payroll account manager. They review the payroll information to confirm accuracy and compliance before sending the info to our payroll processing consultant. Our consultant is charged with processing the info, completing a review, and signing off on the payroll, at which point, we can also conduct a monthly validation check if needed.

Our payroll outsourcing flowchart continues to month-end reports that we submit to your business. These reports include payslips, a bank file, and any 3rd-party payments. Your business is responsible for uploading the bank file and completing all 3rd-party payments. Once this step is complete, the next process consists of submitting a UIF file to the Department of Labour – completing the flowchart and finishing off monthly payroll processes. With MondTes in your corner, payroll solutions can be streamlined and executed effortlessly.

MondTes Holdings is your first choice when it comes to payroll outsourcing for SMEs in South Africa and neighbouring countries! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available payroll and HR services and contact us today with any questions on how we can assist your business. Reach new levels of workflow efficiency with MondTes on your side!

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